Dividella - Pharma toploading and sideloading cartoning systems

Dividella develops toploading and sideloading systems for secondary packaging of vials, ampules, syringes, pens, combination packages and many others. Swiss precision, reliability and quality have defined Dividella and their pharmaceutical packaging solutions for more than thirty years. Sustainable solutions developed for special customer requirements as well as highly flexible and modular machines make Dividella the right choice for ambitious, future-oriented customers worldwide.

Toploading solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Dividella's patented toploading method forms the basis for evolving solutions which are characterized by sustainable, patient-friendly and environmentally conscious concepts. Dividella's toploaders covers all packaging requirements. The NeoTOP family consist of a wide range of machines and configurations for different production volumes. Different customised feed systems have been developed to guarantee maximum operational reliability. With their modular and flexible machine design, Dividella focuses both on Total Cost of Ownership and Total Cost of Package.

Some examples of toploading product packages

Toploading packaging machines

NeoTOP x

The next generation of Dividella's NeoTOP toploading cartoners offers even more flexibility for your parenteral packaging. From small to large lots.

NeoTOP 804

The NeoTOP 804 offers the perfect combination of high format flexbility and superior performance. Up to 800 objects per minute can be processed in triple-mode.

The best of two worlds: Toploading and sideloading in one machine

No more either/or: many machines are proficient in either toploading or sideloading. They therefore either work especially quickly or especially gently. Reductions in flexibility or performance are thus often unavoidable. The NeoTRAY combines the best of both worlds – in one machine. With patented toploading technology, the products are gently placed into the open trays from above. Fast sideloading can manage large volumes of a wide variety of parenterals. Always using 100 percent mono-material for cost effective packaging of the highest quality!


Some examples of NeoTRAY product packages


NEW! When packaging syringes, vials, ampoules, or other parenterals, every second counts. Flexible and efficient solutions are needed: NeoTRAY is a fully automatic packaging machine that works at high speeds. Dividella has incorporated four three decades of experience into the development of the NeoTRAY. It combines the advantages of gentle top-loading and fast side-loading while using 100 per cent monomaterial: for efficient and cost-saving packaging of the highest quality.

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