Fargo Automation - pharma packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

For the past 20 years Fargo Automation has designed and manufactured automated packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. All machines are designed with a focus on performance, efficiency, and safety. In addition, we offer system integration along with service before, during, and after installation.

Fargo Automation’s robust machine designs and integrated control systems meet the most challenging industry demands. Minimal downtime is required to maintain optimum machine performance. Control of the product through packaging process is never lost. Process parameters are closely tracked to verify complete control and repeatability. All equipment is designed specifically for high output and high OEE, with a precise focus on quality control.

Fargo Automations product portfolio comprises syringe handling equipment, deep draw thermoformer, robotic top load cartoner, blister handling equipment, digital in-line printers, case packers, palletizers and custom automation.

Syringe handling equipment

Fargo offers:

  • Syringe conveyors
  • Syringe accumulators
  • Syringe lane management systems
  • Robotic syringe loading
  • Final packaging (blister, carton)


  • Positive handling of syringes
  • Fully non-contact option
  • Overhead conveying – out of the way, flexible
  • Syringe accumulation
  • Simple to integrate with other machines
  • Integration of robotic loading

Deep draw thermoformer

Key features:

  • All Allen Bradly controls
  • Index forming area: 450mm wide x 600mm long
  • Draw up to 100mm deep
  • Sterile barrier sealing
  • Can run rigid or flexible bottom web
  • Complex package shapes

Robotic top load cartoner


  • Direct integration with loading and offloading
  • Integrated printing, labeling, inspection, check-weigh stations
  • UDI / serialization ready
  • Flexible robotic design, made for easy changeover
  • Very high efficiency

Key features:

  • Up to 50 cartons per minute
  • Form cartons from flat
  • No dividers
  • Robotically loaded

Blister handling equipment

Fargo offers:

  • Blister accumulator
  • Blister card/wallet sealer
  • Compliance, child resistant assembly & packaging
  • End of line packaging

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