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Seidenader is active in three areas of business. The German company has more than 120 years experience in developing and building inspection machines and inspection technologies for pharmaceutical manufacturers. They also provide Track&Trace solutions (serialisation and ePedigree) for reliable traceability of products and for protection from counterfeiting: now the new individual brand Traxeed. Seidenader's experience of handling all kinds of pharmaceutical containers and of industrial image processing ensures that their systems are safe, cost-effective and reliable.

Automatic inspection of vials, ampules, cartridges

automatic inspection machine for vials, ampoules, syringes, cartridges
  • High-performance inspection with various options: VI-/MS-Series
  • For smaller production environments: CS-Series

High-performance inspection of prefilled syringes

  • MS-S for up to 24,000 syringes per hour
  • VI-S for up to 36,000 syringes per hour

DE.SY.RE - Overall solution for inspection and product handling

In combination with a Seidenader inspection machine, the DE.SY.RE handling system is Seidenader's latest solution for best inspection results. It complements the inspection machine with two modules: a de-nester before and a re-nester after the inspection machine. Perfectly matched with one another, the three components form a powerful integrated overall solution. Turnkey, from a single supplier.

Inspection of infusion bags, large BFS or glass containers

Applications and inspection criteria

  • inspection of glass bottles and flexible containers
  • printed or unprinted containers, clear or semi-transparent
  • standard inspection criteria: moving particles, plastic material, fibres, fill level
  • optional inspection criteria: seam defects, hanger geometry, port system molding defects, inclusions and plies

Technical data

  • Throughput rate: up to 15,000 units/h (depending on container size and machine configuration)
  • Range of sizes: 100 ml - 1,000 ml


Semi-automatic inspection

  • Pre-rotation of the containers
  • Magnifying lens
  • Special illumination
  • LED feedback bar
  • Up to 9,000 container per hour
  • Adjustable inspection angle (optional)

The appropriate technology for each product

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