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Werum IT Solutions is the world’s leading supplier of manufacturing execution systems (MES) and manufacturing IT solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. The out-of-the-box PAS-X software product is run by the majority of the world’s top 30 pharmaceutical and biotech companies but also by many mid-sized manufacturers. Werum’s manufacturing IT solutions help pharma manufacturers to increase efficiency, improve productivity, and meet regulatory requirements. The range of projects includes global MES programs with multi-site rollouts all over the world as well as single-site solutions in individual countries.

PAS-X Software

With PAS-X, Werum offers a mature standard software product for the highly regulated and batch-oriented process industries. The PAS-X MES provides out-of-the-box maximum standard functionality for all applications in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sector. Companies using PAS-X benefit from lean production and operational excellence.

"Paperless Production", "Faster Time to Market" and "FDA Compliance" are only some of the benefits of using PAS-X. It provides all major functionalities required for efficient pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing out of the box. The great number of PAS-X standard interfaces accelerates implementation projects and ensures seamless information exchange with all surrounding IT systems. PAS-X meets all requirements set forth by the approving authorities, such as the FDA.

Manufacturing IT Solutions

Fewer blockbuster drugs, emerging markets, shorter time-to-market and increased regulatory complexity - the challenges for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers increase. Global players are looking to harmonize and optimize their IT systems, while mid-sized companies are focusing on standardized MES products.

Werum’s manufacturing IT solutions cover all these needs. The core is the PAS-X MES that combines software, content and services out of the box tailored for commercial manufacturing processes in pharma and biotech. Specific IT solutions are available for Process Development, Weighing & Dispensing, Master Batch Records, Packaging, Track & Trace, KPI/OEE, Evaluations and Regulatory Information Management. Customers can gradually extend these solutions to a full-scope PAS-X MES.

Service Packages

Werum offers a comprehensive set of support and consulting services that enable a low risk approach by identifying and executing all necessary tasks for a successful MES project. Werum’s implementation methodology - standardized Ready, Fit, Build and Run phases and best practice industry templates  - enable a rapid MES implementation. Werum also offers consulting services for a turnkey solution both on global and site level and during operational support.

Werum supports their customers with designing, creating and verifying high-quality MBRs. Out-of-the-box PAS-X training modules ensure well-trained personnel. And a team of highly qualified experts with long-time experiences guarantees short response and solution times: 24/7/365.

Content Packages

Werum’s pre-configured, best practice-based PAS-X Content Packages allow a jump-start to deploying PAS-X MES – significantly reducing project implementation times and risks. The packages simplify the administration of PAS-X, the preparation of reports and labels and the development of MBRs. To ensure the fast and effective management of your PAS-X MES implementation project, Werum offers a comprehensive set of consulting services and a dedicated team.

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