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Mediseal developes and manufacture primary and secondary packaging machines for the pharmaceutical industry for more than 80 years. Every day more than 600 blister, pouching and stickpack machines as well as sideload cartoners package solids such as tablets, capsules, dragees, ampules, vials, syringes and liquid products. The German company has never lost sight of its motto: making things safer, more economical and simpler. This is undoubtedly one reason why Mediseal fulfils the role of a system provider among packaging specialists.

Recognizing mega trends - providing solutions

The megatrends of globalisation and individualisation are making their mark on the demands placed on our customers and ourselves. Packaging very small lot sizes economically.  Technical and economic solutions to comply with ever more demanding containment requirements for packaging solids. Bringing new forms of products to market quickly and with a focus on the customer. Mediseal approaches these challenges as a provider of comprehensive solutions.

Containment solutions

From controlled ventilation (laminar flow) to complete isolation of relevant production areas (high containment), Mediseal offers its customers containment solutions which are tailored precisely to their needs.

Feeding solutions

Mediseal's dosing systems give you the flexibility and diversity you need for packaging your pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Even unusual product shapes can be fed reliably and efficiently to your particular system.

Small lot solutions

Falling lot sizes, shorter time-to-market, improved equipment efficiency? These are factors which no longer have to be mutually exclusive. With its solutions, Mediseal applies an integrated approach in terms of machines, equipment and the supply chain as a whole.

Primary and secondary packaging solutions

Mediseal develops the right dosing and packaging solution for virtually any pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry application. From stand-alone solutions to complete line concepts: Mediseal always focuses on the requirements of our customers. Down to the smallest detail.

Blister Expert BE

Less and less time for production with ever greater demands on quality and format variability of primary and secondary packaging? This requires flexible solutions. And these are exactly what Blister Expert BE offers in perfect combination with the P3 cartoner: its development incorporates Mediseal’s more than 80 years of experience in blister and packaging technology. The system can be individually adapted to the needs of the customer: it was developed to be completely modular. This makes the Blister Expert very flexible — and new products can be on the market very quickly. In addition, change-over and maintenance times have been shortened.

Blister machines

Short production times, flexible solutions and the best quality are daily requirements in the competitive environment of the international pharmaceutical industry. The consistent modular design of our blister machines enables machines to be tailored flexibly to your needs. Modular construction means clear separation of zones and optimal accessibility to the different areas. Even difficult materials can be processed reliably and in accordance with GMP standards. Several hundred machines world-wide testify to this successful approach.

CP1200 - High-performance blister machine, 2-lane or 3 lane, suitable for large format ranges and special applications

Our blister machines are designed to meet the following requirements of the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Clinical studies and small lot sizes (CP200)
  • Classic applications (CP400)
  • High output, 1- or 2-track (CP600)
  • Highest output and large format width (CP1200)

Deep-draw blister machines

New methods of administering pharmaceutical products demand creativity and flexibility – in both production and packaging. Our deep-draw machines, which are modular in design, achieve an ideal combination of quality, flexibility and performance. Syringes, vials, pens, auto-injectors, special or combination packs and high-quality parenterals can be packaged safely and with excellent product protection. With our many years of know-how, we adapt our solutions in every case to optimally match your packaging requirement.

CP500 Series deep draw blister machine with complete format change in

Our deep-draw blister machines are designed to meet the following requirements:

  • As a compact solution without limitations on format and choice of film (CP2)
  • As a robust general-purpose solution with multiple configuration options (CP3

Pouching machines

Decades of experience in the production of sachet packaging machines combines with dosing systems of our own design for demonstrably high dosing accuracies. Mediseal's vertical sachet machines are intended for packaging your high-quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.
The range of possibilities and output ranges is extensive. Anything is possible with 2 to 16 tracks. GMP-compliant, of course. And an appropriate transfer solution to a sideload cartoning machine is guaranteed.

Our sachet machines are designed to meet the following requirements:

  • For clinical studies and different dosing systems (LA160)
  • As a classic sachet machine, ideal for the cosmetic industry (LA300)
  • As a highly flexible, modular high-output solution for liquid products (LA400)
  • As a high-output solution, ideal for granulates (LA500)

Stickpack machines

Stickpacks are becoming more and more popular with consumers, because they find them convenient. The product is perfectly portioned and can be taken quickly and simply, even on the go.
With its stickpack line, Mediseal presents an excellent solution for the primary and secondary packaging of free-flowing powders, granulates, pellets and liquids. The line is based on the existing LA600 SP stickpack machine. This was developed specifically for the needs of the pharmaceutical market. Intelligently linking together the LA600 SP and the P1600 cartoner, which has already notched up high sales, creates an ideal combination of proven technologies.

Sideload cartoning machines

Mediseal's cartoning machines are designed for small and medium batch sizes. Their intermittent working method means they need minimum space and few format parts. The consistent servo concept enables virtually all pharmaceutical products to be cartoned at a speed of up to 300 cartons per minute. Their modular construction also allows later integration of additional functionalities and makes the machine future-proof.

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